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Cedar Mill Ace Hardware.

(503) 672-9489
12505 Nw Cornell Rd.
Portland, OR 97229

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Ace Hardware in OR is a hardware company with headquarters located in Oak Brooks, Illinois and have over 4,000 stores in numerous locations throughout the world. It was founded in 1924 by Frank Burke, Richard Hesse, Oscar Fisher and E. Gunnard Lindquist. The name Ace was born from World War I fighter pilots who rose above challenging all odds.

In 1973, ACE Hardware became a co-op and owners obtained shares of stock in the company. They incorporated a "Vision 21" program which tailors the design of all stores to a similar look and feel for brand recognition and best marketing efforts. In the past they used the marketing slogan "The Helpful Hardware Place" and since then have dropped the word "Hardware" to expand the company focus to more than just hardware.

ACE Hardware also has shops in South Tangerang, Indonesia and in the Philippines. They also licensed their brand in Canada which Eddie Durocher is the national director. In 1949, they reached out to over a hundred dealers which brought in approximately 10 Million in annual revenue.

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